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   Welcome from the sea of Online Casting
You are probably trying to find a headshot that distracts from the rest and attracts the industry to you.     Together our photos will show the casting directors, agents and managers who you are and everything you can be.
   The session is a day & night photographic journey into the veins of the city. You will not be asked to bring 4 different shirts for 4 different looks. Instead a custom wardrobe list will be designed for you.
   Our goal is beyond looks, the session delivers images beyond headshots that can be used beyond a name and border.

The photos in this gallery have not been retouched.

Actors Headshot

There are a lot of rules surrounding Actors New York Headshots that leave more questions than answers. Deciding what to wear for each look is a daunting task and when it comes to the shoot each New York Headshot Photographer is as different as each New York Acting style. Actors should look for a New York Headshot Photographer that will take your best Acting Headshot. Acting Headshots that distract from the rest and attracts the New York entertainment industry to you. Online casting has made this job even harder.  Actors have about an inch of space on a screen full of other actors headshots. It's more than just the eyes. Today Acting Headshots show managers, agents, and casting directors who you are and all the characters you can be. Your Headshots are used to pitch you to producers for various projects from co-stars and guest stars to series regulars and films. It's an Actors responsibility to acquire the best tools for their Acting Agent and manager to use to promote and pitch you to the project you were made for.  

Character Headshots

Character Headshots in New York are as important as keeping your Acting Headshots updated because the co-star role casting today is shooting tomorrow or the day after so before they can call you in they need to know if you have the right look. Bjorn's New York sessions are best discribed as an evolving adventure throughout the city, a rolling stone interview that changes clothes and locations  as fast as the Actors character choices can be made. A photographic journey into New York capturing Acting through headshots. A headshot like a slice of life still, cinematic frames as well as more traditionally formated New York Headshots. Simply a session that goes beyond headshots. All sessions come with a complete wardrobe list full of clothing and style samples for your playing types. Be prepared for any angle. Each New York session is styled to create Headshots that focus on the Actors complete casting potential, the right background, wardrobe, and direction allow Actors to focus Acting not posing, and yes "it's all about the eyes."

Beyond Actors Headshots in New York | The Day & Night Session

This Actors Headshot Session is simply beyond Headshots. This untamed, untimed photographic adventure into the veins of the city shooting photographs beyond borders includes images for Actors websites, business cards, postcards, IMDB, and endless promotional material. This is a Acting Headshot session that is nohting like the usual approach of "sit down and smile now don't smile" in a photographers garage/studio. This session includes a wardrobe styling preshoot, Makeup setup, and 12 retouched images.

Men: Makeup setup, 12 retouches $600/£370
Women: Hair & Makeup, 12 retouches $650/£400

New York Acting Headshots by Look

Traditionally in New York an Actors Headshot 'look' is a change of clothing. While selective, these Headshots Looks embody the dynamic range of individual Actors. Each session start with a wardrobe and style consultation and include one retouhced image per look. So no matter what session you choose it's less about the shirt and more about the complete image.

1-3 Headshot Looks | $200/£120
4-6 Headshot Looks | $400/£250

Actors Headshots & Acting Reel Scene for Two

This Actors Headshot and Acting Reel session is split by two Acting partners. It must be booked by two Actors who are familar with each other and would enjoy working together. The process starts with the script whether selected by the Actors, hired and approved or written for this project. Dates and Deadlines are create to keep the flow of the project, one rehersal and styling consultation required. The final cinematic footage can be a short or two individual scenes. All complete takes are delivered for further editing, the scenes or shorts are not edited. Actors can expect 4-6 Day & Night Headshot Looks each.
UK Acting Reels Click Here

Total without Makeup | $800/$400ea.
Total with Makeup setup | $900/$450ea.
Individually edited Reel | $150-$300 (referrels available)
Individually edited Scene/Short | $200-$500 (referrels available)

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If you are ready to pick a Headshot session date or you just have more questions about the New York Headshot process please fill out the contact form, email and call. Expect a response within 12-24hrs or immediately. As a general rule Bjorn is your contact for all things creative & Joey is your assistant through the process from sign up to touch up.
LA: 310 402 1873
UK: 0740 883 9396
AU: 0466 927 017