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Photographer bjorn b. is a true independent artist whose work can be found in public and private collections around the world. His story telling style extends far beyond any label. He splits his time between still and cinematography in Hollywood, Australia, and the UK. If a photo is worth a thousand words, his tend to be arranged like a script.
about photographer bjorn b.
Photographer bjorn b.
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"Freedom," Bjorn B. replies when I ask him what photography means to him. He's is an internationally successful photographer. He goes by Bjorn B., prefers just Bjorn, and... Interview with Associated Content Arts & Entertainment Reporter Robin Raven
He seemed in complete control of chaos, his mind seemed to be everywhere at once yet I never felt as though he ever left our table. He spoke with a matter a fact tone but was always warm in nature. Interview with Portland's Arts & Sounds columist Cristian Walker

Bjorn's attention to detail gives the actor the free-dom he or she needs, to concentrate solely on the performance without having to worry whether or not it will look great. Interview with BUZZ Magazine Columist Scott O'Halloran